Whitehaven High School Class of 1964 - 50yrs+ & Still Growling
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Kindergarden & Grade School
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Whitehaven Grade School - 5th grade - Miss Wilson
Tell me where you are in the picture and I will post your name and location
Bill hillhouse is on the far left back row with the stupid smile on my face - why did i do that!!!
Whitehaven Grade School - 6th grade - Miss Whiteway
Tell me where you are in the picture and I will post your name and location
Bill hillhouse back row 2nd from the left with again the stupid smile on my face - why did i do that & what the hell is on my neck.
James Smith is on the front row 1st from the left & is that a Sling on your arm Dewey?
Joyland Kindergarten Joyland Kindergarten
Tell me where you are in the picture and I will post your name and location
JoylandBand Joyland Band
Tell me where you are in the picture and I will post your name and location
WesternDayatJoyland Western Day at Joyland
 From left, bottom row: ?,?,?,?,?, Melaine Perry,?,?.
                  2nd row: ?, Alan___,Larry Parlow, ?, Alan Marlette?, ?, Gene Houseal, Steven
                  3rd row:  ?,?,?, Carol Eisenman, John Clay Norton, Carol Anne Gaston Stark,
In the Western Day Joyland photo, the boy with the blond hair to the left of Larry Parlow (as we look at the photo) is Alan Copeland (65) and I believe the boy to Melaine's left (as we look at the photo) is Bob Towery (65).  I went to Joyland; however, not at this time.  Guy Massey (65)


Mrs.Massey's7thgrade Mrs. Massey's 7th grade
Bottom row from left: Dennis Niles, Bobby Wilson, Richard Carney, Tommy Guth
 2nd row: Julie Turman Starr, Ginny Lou Sargent Cronan, Jeannine, Wharey, Martha Forney,Linda Burns, Marsha Carrington, Keren Allerup, Grace Fisher, Elaine Mischke.
3rd row: Ronnie Brewer, Linda Merchison, Becky McGee, Carol Anne Gaston Stark, Susan Palmer Bayless, Charlotte Roberts, Harry Morris, Danny Ladner, Mike Brakefield
4th row: jimmy Armstrong, Bill Walker, Reneau Douberly, Gary Finn, Arthur Thompson, Ronnie Lloyd, Wray Gunn, Wayne Smith.

Bill, in my leisure time I've been looking at some of the photos posted from Joyland and elementary school.  By the way, my mother is the Mrs. Massey (7th grade teacher).  She will be 88 in December and lives in a retirement home in Hernando.  She's in failing health; however, believe me she still remembers and cherishes all the kids she taught including many in your  class and could probably identify some of those we can't even recall.   Guy Massey (65)

Mr.Furr's8thgrade Mr.Furr's 8th grade
Bottom row from left: Daddy Ladner, ?, ?, Les Poppenheimer
2nd row: Larry Parlow, Elaine Luckett, Diane Davidson, Carol Richardson,Cheryl Crosno, Cindy Willis,
Susan Dalrymple, Anna Fay Boynston
3rd row: Jimmy Smith,?, Ginny Lou Sargent, Molly Leiper, Carol Anne Gaston, ?, Mary
Helen Kelly, Mr. Furr
4th row: Dub Ashton, Bob Dawson, Clyde Harbin, Bobby McSpadden, Dickie Powell, ?,
Skeeter Andre, Tommy Guth
MissBlackwell's1stgrade Miss Blackwell's1stgrade
From left, bottom row: ?,?,?,?,?, Melaine Perry Pennebaker,?,?.
               Second row: ?, Gene Houseal, ?........
               3rd row: Carol Anne Gaston Stark, Jan Hardy Bolton, Jeanine Wharey, ?,?,?,
                            Mary Helen Kelly.
               4th row: ?, Grace Fisher, ?, Pat Hilderbrand, Dana Johnson, ?, Mary Anna     
               5th row: ?, Chuck Feltman, Tommy guth, Jimmy Goshorn, ?,?.
Joyland program
From left, bottom row: 6th from left is Carol Anne Gaston Stark, twelfth from left is Grace Fisher.
                  Second row: Far right is maybe Tommy Guth.
                   Top row in evening dress is Susan Dalrymple.
                    (Unfortunately, that is all I could recognize.)

Jeanette Owens Pressgrove. 
I am on the second from the top row in the middle with my legs crossed and my hands on my knees.  I think I was sixth from the right end.  That brought back fond memories.
Graceland 8th grade - Mrs.Gaston
file001 file001
file000 file000
5thgradescienceprojectwinners 5th grade science project winners
Kneeling from left: Linda Burns and Carol Anne Gaston Stark
    Standing: Mary Forney Mulrooney, , Han Hardy Bolton, Mary Anna Flannagan, and Dana Dorrity Chism.
TwirpDance-LarryandCA Twirp Dance - Larry and CA
4th Grade - Mrs. Wilmouth 4th Grade - Mrs. Wilmouth


5th Grade - Mrs. Fite 5th Grade - Mrs. Fite
2nd Grade - Mrs. McCullough 2nd Grade - Mrs. McCullough
3rdGrade Mrs Hobbs 3rd Grade Mrs. Hobbs


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